Maternity And Newborn

It is such an amazing time in life, one that changes so quickly and is so beautiful. The details that make a newborn so new, begin to change even within the first few weeks. The tiny little fingers and toes, the wispy hair, the new skin, and that little belly button. My style will certainly highlight all the beautiful features that define your baby.

(Note: Our shoots are available in the comfort of your own home; we bring our studio to you and with all packages we can include one pet photo with your baby free of charge)

When Should I Schedule My Maternity Session?

Maternity sessions are best held during the last two months of pregnancy, though I am happy to photograph you at any point. I’ve found that anything before 27 weeks does not quite capture the beauty of your belly as a later term shoot would. The most important part is that you feel comfortable.

How Far In Advance Should I schedule A Newborn Session?

For newborns it is never too early to book a newborn session. Due to the unpredictable nature of newborns, your newborn session is reserved based on your estimated due date. The baby’s due date is noted, and then as soon as  baby arrives, please contact me right away. A solid session date is then set at that time. Your reserved newborn session is to take place within 10 days of baby’s actual date of birth. If you are given an induction or c-section date, the actual session date can be booked in advance.

What If My Baby Is Already Born?

If your baby is already born, under 10 days of age and you wish to schedule a session, please contact me *as soon as possible*. I will always try to accommodate newborns in the first 2 months when possible.

What Is the Ideal Age To Photograph My Newborn?

“The absolute BEST time to take newborn photos is within the first 10 days of life.”

As long as Mommy is feeling ready, the younger the baby the better – preferably between 4-6 days old. Older newborns tend to not sleep as soundly and don’t “curl” as a younger newborn does. Newborn acne and cholic may flare up at around 1.5-2 weeks of age, as well.

How Long IS A Typical Maternity Session?

Maternity sessions are typically between an hour and an hour and a half – allowing plenty of time for clothing changes and artistic posing. I also provide the props and dresses for the maternity shoot.

What Should I Do To Prepare For My Maternity Session and What Should I Wear?

Rest assured I will prepare you for everything! After the session is booked, I will send you a client information sheet with all the necessary preparation suggestions and visual clothing ideas. I am also available to discuss these ideas over then phone or via e-mail if you would prefer. I can also supply a few dresses to wear for the shoot depending on your size. The session will be done close to your home in a nature setting and also I can provide a studio session at your home after the nature shoot, the two together gives you more variety.

What Should We Do To Prepare For My Newborn Session and What Should We Wear/Bring?

I usually suggest wearing long sleeve black shirts for both mom and dad, as well as white if available. Again, rest assured I will fully prepare you for every step of the way. Prior to our session, you will be sent a list of things I will need you to do right before our session, what to bring or if you prefer to do it at home it would be even beter as I am mobile most of the time. I will tell  you what to expect on the day. I believe open communication is the key to a successful session.

How Many Images Are Shown In A Typical Newborn Session?

The average newborn session includes the following:
Newborn Individuals
Newborn + Mom
Newborn + Dad
Newborn + Mom & Dad and other siblings included if any.

A typical newborn session includes between 20 – 30 highly edited photos depending on the package you select.

How Long Is The Average Newborn Session?

I will always adapt sessions according to each individual newborn. It’s not uncommon for the session to last between 3-4 hours, allowing for plenty of time for feeding, artistic posing and comforting.

How Long Before The Session Images Will Be Ready?

2 weeks from date of shoot, you will receive your memory stick with all edited images in high res.